Yanzi’s Profile

Name: Yukio Yamaguchi (山口 幸雄)

Nickname: Yanzi (やんじー)

Yanzi was in born in 1947, in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan, and he is currently living in Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari, Hokkaido…

After working for the Bridgestone Tire Hokkaido, he worked as an on-site manager for Mitsui Home Component Co., Ltd. He retired from Mitsui in March 2000 and founded H.M. Home Medic.


Abridged List of Experiences/Services

1996.6 Representative. Hokkaido Motorcycle Association of Disaster Response.
1998.1 Vice Chair. Hokkaido Association of Volunteer Coordination Association.
1999.7 Representative. Without.
1999.10 Representative. Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido (DRNH).
2000.4 Vice Manager. On-Site Response Headquarter. Welfare and Relief Volunteer for Mt. Usu Eruption, Hokkaido.
2000.4 Chairperson. Rescue Ranger Hokkaido.
2000.5 Support Activity Division. Hokkaido Volunteer Support Center.
2000.6 Manager. National Network for the Earthquake Disasters.
2000.10 Vice Representative. Japan National Disaster Relief Network (J-Net).
2001.4 President. College Network.
2001.5 Adjunct Lecturer. Sapporo Municipal Academy of Fire Bureau.
2001.6 CEO. Mouth Mountain.
2002.3 Member. Yasashisa Gentle. Sapporo Municipal Hospital.
2002.4 Director. Hokkaido Disaster Prevention Center.
2003.8 Board Member. Child Line Sapporo.
2004.4 Member. Hokkaido Workshop for Community Restaurants.
2004.6 Director. Hokkaido Toubetsu Town Center for Disaster Prevention Reserve.
2005.1 Advisor. Hokkaido Citizen’s Foundation for Disaster Prevention.
2005.2 Representative. Hokkaido Organization of Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management.
2005.3 Representative. Disaster Relief Network Japan.
2005.4 Representative. Kitchenware Bank.
2006.9 Adjunct Lecturer (Theories in Volunteerism). Health Science University of Hokkaido.
2007.4 Adjunct Lecturer (Theories in Volunteerism). Tohoku Fukushi University. Sendai, Miyagi.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Yanzi is great! And so are the rest of the volunteers.

    Thank you for your posts. I think you are doing wonderful work, I was told about your site by a friend and have been following for a while.Your efforts are very inspiring.

    Please take care and keep up the great work.


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