We ask your cooperation of support money

Always thank you for watching our blog.
We already have visited stricken areas and provided meals. However, it is not enough support money for our activity.
Especially, it is account for most of the spending that gasoline for transportation, many materials for provides meals, fuels and fare of ferry.
We made the flyer about support money. Please cooperate in the distribution. Downloads from here.
We loaded all ingredients for provide meals by ferry from Hokkaido. In stricken areas, we go to the nearest city and purchase necessities.
It costs various expenses and articles to support stricken areas. For example, foods, seasoning, sanitary items and fuel for distribution of food, the expenditure on gasoline for transportation of relief items and moving to the base for provide meals, the rental fees for cars, the ferry fares, the expressway tolls, cookware, and so on.
In addition, we have to buy foods frequently because the foods can’t be kept for a long time on account of the hot weather of coming summer.
We appreciate your continued support and encouragement to carry on with long-term supportive actions.
Yukio Yamaguchi, the representative of Team Yanzi Disaster Support Project, Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido.
The remittance from foreign countries was requested, and the account was established. Please click a red button in detail.
We ask for your cooperation of support money.
Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido has accepted support money for reconstruction assistance of earthquake disaster in Kumamoto Prefecture.
We have four machine which can cook 100 provide meals at once. We hope we can prepare support money and other relief items in order to continue to cook hot meals in stricken areas. Especially relief items excepting foods are needed to buy in cash more because people in the stricken areas require fast and flexible support.
We have bought necessities at nearby area in Kumamoto and cooked provide foods mainly.
Supports are still needed in Kumamoto. We would like to ask furthermore for everyone cooperation.
Please transfer your support money to the following.
Wire-Transfer Information (from overseas) Bank: Japan Post Bank
If you can
Account Number: 19030 18065031
Name of Account Holder: Saigaikyuuen Network Hokkaido
Address of Account Holder: 3061-173 Moheizawa, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido 061-0202 Japan
Tel of Account Holder: 080-1877-6513
For more details on wire-transfer from oversees, please see the link below: http://www.jp-bank.japanpost.jp/en/djp/en_djp_index.html

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