What is Yanzi Doing?

In response to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, the Hokkaido Disaster Relief Network is now accepting donations to help with our relief efforts in Tohoku.
We are carrying with us 2 machines capable of cooking rice for 100 people at a time, with which we are providing hot food to disaster victims.

In the disaster areas, we understand that there is a lack of and difficulty in buying gasoline, kerosene (heating oil), diesel, foodstuffs, medical and hygiene goods, as well as daily essentials. Due to those difficulties in logistics, using cash donations to purchase and supply non-food items especially, may be more effective.

We understand that continued long-term support will be needed in the disaster area. We thank you for your cooperation.

Yanji’s keywords are: Enabling people by providing expert assistance, food and materials. He is a ‘people-connector’ and member of the global aid group.

Hokkaido Disaster Relief Network

In times of disaster, this network provides support to disaster-struck areas by making use of established and well-bonded networks of people.
With the motto ‘Immediate Practical Action’, they go to disaster areas providing emergency rice feeding, and can also provide organization. Yanji was deputy director of disaster prevention measures during the volcanic eruption of Mt. Usuzan in 2000. Of course he has also had input on the disaster readiness plans in Hokkaido. Making use of his experiences, he has held training and talks about emergency rice feeding at municipalities and schools throughout Japan. At home in Hokkaido, he gives lectures about volunteerism at Hokkaido Junior Medical College and other organizations.

Kitchen Goods Bank

At the former school in To(u)betsu, Hokkaido, items no longer needed by restaurants or shops are received and redistributed to elderly people living on their own, exchange students, institutions in difficulties due to lack of finances and community kitchens. It also supports victims of domestic violence and house fires, by providing household goods, etc.
Hokkaido Food Bank Network

Also at the former school, imperfect vegetables or label misprints (like canned food) etc. destined for disposal are collected and stored and distributed to institutions in difficulties, churches and others we have links with. In the Kanto region (east Japan and Tokyo) we helped a school for Brazilians, where children affected by temporary worker lay-offs didn’t have enough to eat, and have linked up with ‘Second Harvest Japan’, an organization which provides food for the needy.

In addition, we work with the indigenous Ainu peoples, nature schools and so on, and have a variety of fields of experience that we can draw on through our networks.

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