Message from DRNH

Note: This announcement is based on the situation as of April 23, 2011. As the situation changes in the field, so too does “What We Can Do”. Thus, the content of this page will be revised as needed, and we will keep you posted.

Thank you for supporting the Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido.

Team Yanzi and Team Sapporo have jointly compiled a list of their advice on what and how each individual living in non-devastated areas can contribute to disaster relief in everyday life. We hope you find the following remarks informative.

1. If you have relief supplies to donate, PLEASE contact NPOs specializing in the distribution of relief items in the devastated area.

Team Yanzi is currently focused on providing meal-services as our primary function in the disaster areas. As we have established partnerships with other volunteer organizations, we have a sufficient amount of relief supplies right now.

If you would like to donate supplies, please consult with volunteer organizations that have robust skills and networks to distribute the relief supplies to those who are in need of them.

2. PLEASE spread the word about DRNH disaster relief activities.

Media coverage on the Tohoku earthquake is decreasing day by day, but there are many places that still have not received sufficient help.  Many people in these places have to deal with anxieties over where to live, the future status of their jobs, and so on.

We think that it is an important mission to report what is really going on in those affected areas.

Thus, please spread the word about our activities, our website, and Yanzi’s blog or just post what you felt and thought about our website to other places, such as Twitter and blogs.

However, please do not re-post our images without permission. Thank you in advance for your understanding and your special consideration for the privacy of the disaster victims.

If you wish to use our copyrighted images for your events, please contact us beforehand. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

3.PLEASE Participate in Events Planned by Team Yanzi’s Supporters

Supporters of Team Yanzi plan various charity events.  These events help to support reconstruction of devastated areas.

We will keep you posted regarding upcoming events.

4.We Need Your Continuous Support

As mentioned above, we have enough relief supplies right now thanks to close ties with other volunteer organizations.

When we need to purchase necessary materials, we try our best to acquire them efficiently and smoothly while coping within an ever-changing environment.

Unavoidable expenses include transportation fees (e.g. fees for transporting supplies and moving from one site to a base camp for meal-service, fares for boarding ferries, and vehicle rental fees), fuel expenses, and costs for equipment such as wireless devices and cooking utensils.

Your contributions will be used to cover the costs mentioned above and also to buy supplies such as fresh ingredients and seasonings which cannot be obtained in the disaster areas and must be purchased in neighboring prefectures. The trips to other prefectures inevitably generate additional fuel costs.

Your continuous support is greatly appreciated.

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