《The situation of Ochiai in Minamifurano. Tree weeks have passed since No.10 typhoon.》


Friday, September, 23


It is a situation of Ochiai in Minamifurano when we visited to provide meals a few days ago.

Traces of the damage caused by the typhoon left various messages.

I don’t know how the news reported but the present situation is still like that.


I wish the town revive as soon as possible.




Temporary road which earth and sand were just piled.




Farming green house was also heavily damaged.




Pretty much sand accumulated in a firm. I wonder if when farmers can resume farming. Maybe farmers who suffered feel uneasiness.


5 6 7


The railing was collapsed because the water level of the river stands above normal.




This road seems the water entered. Trees which blocked the road have been put in order little by little. But it is only a part.


Tatami which was took out were piled in front of flooded houses.


9 10


In Minamifurano, going downstream and canoe are popular.

People works at these places still couldn’t resume so some victims took out mud by themselves as a volunteer.


11 12 13


Many places are still needed to take out mud.


14 15 16 17


In Hokkaido, some places snow in October. If we can’t put in order before snow, it will be really hard.


Article written, and photos taken by Agnes

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