《Yanzi used a heavy machine all day long – Removing mud in Asahiyama district and road repairing of Ayanosato》


September 22, 2016


We came back from Minami Furano in the morning. When we were about to visit Shimizu town Volunteer Center, the volunteers, who had come before us, asked us to rent a heavy machine, so we did it.

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I heard that 20 volunteers would come in order to remove mud around the houses and “Tsuruginosato,” but 80 volunteers came by minibus.

The heavy machine was used to carry the sandbags and fill the hollow road of Ayanosato.

The volunteers removed sand around submerged houses.

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If there had been 2 heavy machines, we could have worked more efficiently. However, we had only one heavy machine, so Yanzi used it all day long.

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There are the scars of the typhoon around the houses. I have done office work and tidying a room which was full of the baggage used for the support when Kumamoto Earthquake occured.


Today has ended. According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow. I wish we have little rain.


Article written, and photo taken by Agnes(Yuri Yamaguchi)

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