《We provided food at Ochiai and Ikutora in Minamihurano.》


Wednesday, September, 21th


We had stayed Minamihurano since the previous day.

We slept in the car then we went to Ochiai.

Today Okuchan’s team, who work Okushiba Shoten and have cooperated with us since Tohoku earthquake.Okushiba Shoten is a soup curry shop. Minato-kun who works in Shintotsugawacho and Guchi-kun who works in Asahikawa helped us.

Mr. Oda came to help as a team Yanzi’s assistance from Sapporo.

We met Okuchan again since we met at Kumamoto. She is the first team Yanzi’s member, which support Kumamoto. We have acted with her since we left for Kumamoto.

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At Tohoku earthquake, she arrived before we arrived and told us that where places needed help about providing meals were.


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We prepared from in the morning.

We made curry and rice which using Okushiba Shoten’s spice as a base.

We left the seasoning to Team Okushiba.

While I cut vegetables, Yanzi cook rice for 150 meals.

Mr. Oda did the washing in silence.


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At the lunch time, we provided 40 meals for volunteer and resident in Ohiai.


12 13 14 15 16


Some people brought pots so we could gave for their family.

Curry and rice, potato salad, potage and lightly-pickled cucumber.




We made a large quantity of potato salad then we brought to the volunteer center in Ikutora.


18 19


We loaded. We made a perfect pair.


In the evening, we provided meals at the volunteer center in Ikutora.

We provided 100 curry and rice, lightly-pickled cucumber and pumpkin soup.


20 21 22 23


Resident and volunteer ate with great relish.


Providing meals increase smile!


After all, today we slept in the car at Minamihurano.


We finished today safety.

Thank you.


Article written and photo taken by Agnes

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