《We made 100 provide meals by rescue kitchen and repaired Ayanosato road.》




Yanzi had went to the volunteer center in the morning and told us that we had to make provide meals soon after meeting. Masami Mori came to help us. Yanzi bought necessary things. I and Mrs.Mori cut vegetables in Ayanosato.




80 volunteer member removed mud in Asahiyama.


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Many volunteer in the neighborhood removed mud from houses. Sandbags and so on were carried to our road to repair by borrowed heavy equipment.


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We had carried rescue kitchen and necessary things to help for Ayanosato by Hiace but had trouble to go out because the tire got caught in the road.




We went to the volunteer center in order to cook curry for the member of volunteer. We cooked 100 provide meals by rescue kitchen.


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Everyone got muddy and came back. They ate it with great relish.


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We taught how to use plates without water. For some people, it was a first time to see providing meals.


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Mr. Kuma who came from Ishikari and Mr. Izasa who came from Nagoya helped loading.




Then we went to the upper reaches of the Asahiyama where Ayanomori is placed.

Some people couldn’t pass road for 3 weeks because traffic at many places along the highway were cut off. Residents including Ayanomori rented heavy machine to repair road and bridge which town officials won’t repair. Freight and the cost of fuel costed about forty ten thousand yen. Finally the bridge was repaired and built today so we’ll go to see it.

Now we can managed to go to Ayanomori by the car.

By now we went to car part of the way and we walke because the road caved in. Bear’s path changed so the way to Ayanomori smelled bear. But now we can go to Ayanomori by car.

We brought curry and rice to treat people.




I went back and ate curry and rice. I didn’t ate from in the morning so it was so delicious.


We could finished today safely.


Article written and photos taken by Agness


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