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Typhoon passed through Hokkaido successively. Concerning typhoon No.10, it caused flood and suffer Shimizutyo, which Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido is based on.


Neighbor towns also suffered from the damage.


Concerning the typhoon No.10 in Tokachi, it caused suspension of water supply, power outage, flood on a floor, washing houses away, damages to produces.


Especially, it is said to take one month to restore the water supply.


Now in Shimizutyo and Shintokutyo, people who are there and even not suffer from flood, can’t use water because of suspension of water supply.


We lack money of continuing our activities and getting water.


We want 2L or 500ml of water which is not opened though we have already received big contributions from you.


We made flyers about support money, so if you cooperate in distributing them, it would make us happy.

You can download flyers from here.


We’ll announce our necessities in accordance with a situation, please refer to our Facebook page or HP of Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido


Due to Team Yanzi’s activities and management support of volunteer center which was founded with difficulty, it’ll cost us fee of gasoline, affairs, car rental, transporting, housing sorting, some equipment and so on to do our activities, so we also need support money to do them.


We go to our field to serve meals with a rescue kitchen which can make meals for 100 persons.


When Great East Japan earthquake and Kumamoto earthquake occurred, we were helped by people in Tokachi. They helped and sent us here by various means like sending vegetables like potatoes and Chinese yam, soba, sugar beets, support money.

At this time, I want to give courage to local people.


Best regards.


【Yucho bank’s account】

Number : 19030 18065031

Name : Saigaikyuennetworkhokkaido


If you transfer money to Yucho bank account from any other bank accounts, please refer to contents below.


【Branch Name】908 in kanji

【Branch Number】908

【Deposit type】Ordinary deposit

【Account Number】1806503


Even if you send something to Ayanosato, there’re not any space to put them because of flood. A river nearby tend to be covered with water and you can’t pass there, so it will make secondary disaster.


To proceed our activities smoothly, please cooperate with us continuously.


Disaster Relief Network in Hokkaido


Team Yanzi on Disaster Relief project, Representative Yamaguchi Yukio


The remittance from foreign countries was requested, and the account was established. Please click a red button in detail.

Wire-Transfer Information (from overseas) Bank: Japan Post Bank
If you can
Account Number: 19030 18065031
Name of Account Holder: Saigaikyuuen Network Hokkaido
Address of Account Holder: 3061-173 Moheizawa, Tobetsu-cho, Ishikari-gun, Hokkaido 061-0202 Japan
Tel of Account Holder: 080-1877-6513
For more details on wire-transfer from oversees, please see the link below: http://www.jp-bank.japanpost.jp/en/djp/en_djp_index.html

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